Welcome to the page of the CSIRT STU, our school Computer Security Incident Response Team. Our unit was established in December 2022 and operates at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Slovak University of Technology. Our goal is to provide services that assist in managing computer security incidents, minimizing their impact, and restoring the operation of affected information systems and their associated communication tools.

We are a team of 20, consisting of booth students and faculty members from the FEI STU. We aim to create a team dedicated to securing our faculty and providing information services focused on security incident analysis, information gathering, and issuing warnings and alerts.


Our CSIRT offers a range of services and activities to help ensure the security of our faculty and information systems. Our main activities include network monitoring, incident detection and response, prevention, and education. Additionally, we provide a variety of detailed services, such as consultations, analyses, audits, and vulnerability testing. Whether you need assistance with incident response, vulnerability assessments, or simply advice on improving your security posture, our CSIRT is here to help.