Our CSIRT team is comprised of the following departments, each focusing on different aspects of information systems security.

Network Monitoring Department

responsible for monitoring and analyzing network activities in the faculty to identify and address security threats

Bc. Pavol Sobota
Data Analysis Department

responsible for collecting and analyzing security data to identify and predict potential security threats

Bc. Matúš Abrhan
Notification and Alerting System Department

responsible for quick and effective communication of security threats and incidents within the faculty

Bc. Matúš Abrhan
training-range logo
Training Range Department

responsible for creating virtual environments for training and testing different security incident scenarios

Bc. Tatiana Hýlová
Asset Management Department

responsible for collecting and categorizing information about the faculty's hardware and software infrastructure

Bc. Tatiana Hýlová
Web Development Department

responsible for creating and maintaining the CSIRT's websites

Stanislava Pecková